All about at Giants den

For first place in the attendance we went to giants den. It is an amazing soft play and had lots of fun things and at the bottom of the slide there were balls.I have been there before but it had changed a lot. I did have lots of fun and it is really the best ever soft play. We had juice or water and had lots and lots of fun. It was the best trip I had ever ever had – I am just speechless. It WAS SOOOOO GOODDDDDD.

Celebration assembly

On Tuesday 18th October our school and parents had a celebration assembly. There was things about stone age and a trailer, it was so good. My class sang a song that we made and did the tune too. I think ours was the best. Bruno and Ivy played the guitar and Miss Scullion played the piano. Miss Bradley thought that ours was so good that she wanted us to record it and put it on the blog. Now that is cool. All you could see were parents taking pictures and videos on their phone. Children were smiling and the parents were so proud.